To create the life you desire, through clarity, overcoming limiting beliefs, thriving in the face of adversity and to achieve your highest potential.

The journey is EVERYTHING. You cannot bypass this to achieve the life you want.

  • Design Your Dream Life

    Get clear on what you actually want with your life. Too many times people don't think they can, im here to tell you thats BS!

  • Lead an example that inspires others

    Want to change your environment? Well that means you have to start with yourself. As leaders we lead by example and the rest follows.

  • Your net worth is your network!

    Its not what you know, its who you know. Defy Tribe has experts in almost every field you can imagine. Bridge the gap from finding the "who" to help you do the "what".

If you're looking to expand and grow in certain areas of your life, the key to achieving that growth lies in the work you are avoiding.

You'll learn how to recognize and reframe areas of your life that need new structure.

Don't believe the lies that hold you back, invest in yourself and create real change in your:

Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Financial Growth

It's time to stop playing small and start pursuing your goals and dreams.

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    I believe our tribe is so powerful that if you attend 4 calls and you don't feel the change shifting in your life, send me a message and I'll refund you back your money.

  • Member Driven

    You'll have access to a wealth of resources and support to help you on your journey.

    From mindset and motivation to systems and strategies, we've got you covered

  • Results Oriented Community

    You'll be pushed to expand beyond your comfort zone and receive assistance throughout the process. There won't be any hand-holding, but you'll have a supportive community to rely on.

    Surround yourself with others who are unleashing their greatness.

  • 30 Day Business + Mindset Mastery

    Pair up with Cody for weekly calls to elevate your business and mindset to achieve more. Capped at only 3 slots every month.

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  • 1 Hour Single Zoom Call

    Stuck and don't know how to break through? Join Cody for a 1 hour call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This For? Do I need to be a veteran?

Anyone tired of their yesterday dictating their today. Civilian or Veteran alike If you're ready to be open to new ways to learn, grow and create change in your life, this group is for you.

What is Spiritus Invictus?

Spiritus Invictus,The Unconquerable Spirit. I will never quit, I will never surrender and I will never fail. I will adapt to the situation.

This is the Marine Raider Motto and in the Tribe it will be yours too!

Is This A Program?

No. These are weekly calls beneficial to anyone looking to free themselves from their mind and unlock their full potential along with access to our defy tribe community app to connect, share, learn, and grow together as a community.

When we rewrite our story, we change our lives.

What if I don't like Defy Tribe?

Defy Tribe isn't for everyone. Not everyone is ready to own their sh*t and become their true authentic self.

If you realize you're one of those people, you can cancel anytime before your next billing cycle.

I encourage you to start facing triggers in life and stop running from them.

Will other participants see me on video?

Participation is entirely up to the end user as we encourage members to join on video, share their wins, and describe their struggles.

Each call does feature a Q+A and video participation is OPTIONAL

Is This A Men's Only Group?

This is for both men and women. We all have goals and visions for change.